“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”


– Pablo Picasso –


It’s my pleasure to take you into my world of art.
My passion is creating paintings which I combine
with complementary poems that tell more about
the subjects that arise on canvas.

This is the only place where my complete oeuvre of fine art with meaning and poetry comes together.

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All my work is unique and painted once with love.
The collections I have created can be found under the ‘Art’ tab.
This tab shows the multiple collections that I have created so far:
– The Enigma Collection
– The Cubist Collection
– The Solo Collection
– NFT Art
(This website is currently under construction, some tabs will be added in the near future)

Art & Poetry

While painting, poems are created with deep meanings that tell more about the subjects that I colorfully design on canvas.
On my easel, a new canvas is being made step by step, while my poetry book is opened next to it.
Inspiration for the subjects I paint about and for the complementary poem come and flow as soon as I start painting. Impressions and inspiration for the subjects I paint about and for the complementary poem come and flow as soon as I start painting.
For poems that accompany my art, please click the button below.

High Quality Prints

Limited edition prints of my art are available on a variety of high-quality materials.

All Glicée prints are sold with a certificate of authenticity.
In addition, there is an option for glossy acrylic plexiglass for a modern look, and for enthusiasts, my art is also available on an aluminum background.
My work can now also be ordered on board for a reproduction that can even hang outside under a canopy. Please feel free to contact me for more information.

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others”

– Jonathan Swift –


My world of art

‘The most special thing about painting is when the heart, mind and my hands work together.

It is in that place where my eyes start designing, and my hands translate and create.’

‘I believe in the development of the higher consciousness, where love, understanding and true beauty live.’


‘We are here on earth to learn lessons, pass them on and leave a valuable footprint for future generations.’

Jade Ladina

About Jade Ladina | ART

Under the ‘About’ tab you will find my biography, CV and the exhibitions where my art is present.

At ‘Kunstuitleen’ everything is explained about renting and/or purchasing my art for an attractive monthly amount.

Under the ‘Blogs’ tab, I share personal stories and experiences.

Under the ‘My mission’ tab, you will find my inner motivation to share my art and poems with the world. Here I will tell you more about the charities that I want to raise awareness of and to which I contribute through the sale of my art.

Would you like to see what I am currently working on and take a look behind the scenes?
You can follow me on Social Media by clicking on the Instagram and/or Facebook symbol at the bottom of the screen.

Finally, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. Feel free to fill out the form under the ‘Contact’ tab and I will answer your email personally.
The contact page also contains frequently asked questions (FAQ).


‘You have a lovely page – beautiful work and nuggets of wisdom!’

Saul Chase – New York, USA

‘Meaningful, powerful and colorful, your canvases go so much further than ‘just’ a painting.
It remains special to see and feel what your art brings about.’

Saskia B. – Amsterdam, Netherlands

‘You inspire me with your work, poems and posts to continue to see and reach the top, despite valleys.
Thank you for your positivity and wonderful work!’

Ingrid Verlaet – Netherlands

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Jade Ladina | ART


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